The Global Day of Gratitude: Tweetsgiving

Tweetsgiving is a global event to support the nonprofit Epic Change. It is an expression of gratitude for our heroes, our loved ones and those who have changed our lives. On November 24th through 26th, in over 100 cities and online, a wave of “Epic Thanks” will spread around the globe. Thousands will attend local events and thousands more will participate via Twitter, blogs, Facebook, YouTube and photo apps.

Every year we have this opportunity to say thank you to someone who said, “You can do this” when you thought it was impossible. We have this chance to thank someone who inspired us by building hope for others in the midst of hardship. Gratitude is something we can give when we are far away or we have little ourselves.

The creators of the event, Epic Change, ask “What if gratitude can change the world?”

The founder of Epic Change, Stacy Monk, began the tradition of Tweetsgiving to celebrate Mama Lucy, a woman who changed many lives. When I heard Stacy speak of Mama Lucy, it was hearing her define inspiration and hope. Mama Lucy was determined to have education available for the orphans and children of Arusha, Tanzania. She paid for the founding of Shepherds Junior primary school by selling chickens. After a personal tragedy, Stacy met Mama Lucy and was so inspired by her that Epic Change was born.

I found that voice again here. In Africa. In Mama Lucy. In the audacious hope of a woman who believed money from selling chickens would be enough to build a school and transform her community. There is no greater gratitude than that for hope restored when you’ve all but given up.

My work here is no matter of owing or debt; it could never be repayment or reciprocity.  Instead it is my humble beginner’s practice of the lesson she’s taught:  that hope is ours to create, that it never dies as long as we just hold onto it.  ~ Stacey Monk

Epic Change believes there are Changemakers in all communities. The passage above from Stacy Monk’s blog is the undercurrent of their successful philosophy: that stories of hope and change have human value which weave us together. Just by amplifying the story of Mama Lucy, Epic Change raised funds to buy the land for a new school building and an online learning center. With Mama Lucy’s leadership, the children tested #1 in the region this year.

Education is the key to life.  EDUCATION HAS POWER!  This is why I’m among the people who are trying to bring even a slight change to this sector. ~ Mama Lucy

We are all grateful for the encouragement, hope, and inspiration we receive during our lives. Tweetsgiving is here to thank those who have moved us.  My gratitude to those I have come to know through the E-Advocate Network runs deep. You are beautiful souls, signing and passing along petitions, nonprofit alerts, volunteer opportunities and advocating for your own causes. Tweetsgiving is 48 hours, but I could thank you for a lifetime.