12 for 12: The Dream Starts Here

I would love for you to meet the incredible online community that has gathered around the 12 for 12 K Challenge.  Danny Brown, a social media strategist, began the 12 for 12 K Challenge in 2009, to highlight one charity per month.  The value of the 12 for 12 K challenge is the diversity of nonprofits which gain new support each year.  So many of the E-Advocate Network’s readers are very involved as advocates, and the 12 for 12 Challenge will help you meet like minded philanthropists.

These were Danny’s thoughts when he embarked on his successful project:

“Illness; poverty; hunger; abuse; these and more happen every day to people breathing the same air as us. Which is why I’m setting up the 12 for 12,000 Challenge in 2009.  There have been many examples of how social media can help charitable causes, and I’m hoping that the same power can make a difference in so many lives. The best part – it will take very little effort from you.”

In these times in the USA it is easy to forget the global crises that surround us.  12 for 12 K has made it easy to stay connected with global change. The challenge has a website to learn about each month’s chosen charity, viral banners and a video to spread the word.  The goal is 1,200 members to learn about a chosen charity each month and contribute $10 to that charity.

The 12 for 12 k video is an inspiring call to action:

Click here to join the 12 for 12 K Challenge


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